Why should I learn yoga?

I'm asked that all the time. People frequently ask me to define yoga and how will it benefit me.

My favorite definition of yoga is that it is any method that allows us to wake up to who we really are and to what life is all about. Anything that allows us to be more aware of ourselves and to feel connected to ourselves and life is a form of yoga.

Yoga is a life style; it is a way of being. Everything we do can become our yoga, if it is done with awareness. Playing sports, drinking a cup of tea, meditating, gardening, singing, playing an instrument, anything that brings a sense of peace and connectedness to ourselves and life is yoga. It is said that one does not need to be strong or flexible to do yoga, one just needs to be awake!

Yoga is a science of self-transformation. It is a journey that takes time. Yoga is an amazingly broad and rich science of self development and self exploration; that human existence is an amazingly wonderful, awesome, and occasionally terrifying process; and that there are tools which can allow us to face life with more courage, awareness, skill, and higher consciousness.

The key to yoga is awareness… discovering the luminous intelligence that lies within us all. When we find and cultivate this aspect of ourselves, we create our own health, happiness, and peace, which we can then, in turn, share with others.

Your yoga begins when you leave the classroom. It is how you relate to people and how you relate to the world. Your yoga is in the giving and receiving.

It is the wellness between inner and outer worlds. Your yoga is living the purpose of your life. Your yoga is to spread peace, one person at a time.

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