My Teachers

To Be Inspiring, One Must Be Inspired...

my teachers

I feel blessed to have taught so many who reflect a spirit and presence that inspired me to be more.My most powerful teachers are my students! I am honored to have walked in this life with them.

Namste'… Marie

Thank you letters...

Inspiring Comments

"Thank you for the inspiring comments!" - Marie

We really appreciate and thank you for your contribution to the Baptiste Community and your continued support as you shift back to your service and empowerment of youth! What you are creating and doing is so important to Baptiste. Thank you for sharing and growing the community.

Debbie Williamson
Baptiste Power Yoga

We were blessed to have you while we did! Your “tree” spread seeds in this community!!! Now they will germinate and grow!

Elise Cantrell
Kohler, WI

You have made a big difference in my life in such a short time. I feel very blessed that I was introduced to you and the 40 Days. I catch myself referring to what I am learning at work, with my kids and in funny situations I run into. You are really talented and I know you touch a lot of people. Thanks for including me!

Shannon Bullard 
Bullard Children’s Dentistry

You dropped out of nowhere into my yoga life and filled a void in so many ways. You have been a wonderful asset to all who have been privileged to practice with you.

Helen Baumann
Sheboygan, WI

Thank you so much for your amazing teachings, it was extremely influential in my growth.

Rachael Lewinski
Owner of Inspire Yoga Studio

Thank you for all you have given and all you have inspired. They say great teachers plant seeds but may never see the flowers. You have to know you are sowing an abundant garden of energy, love and power, and it’s perennial!!! Well done Marie. You are a true role model, because you live your religion, and that matters. No one better to shape the lives of teens.

Lyn Johnson 
Oostburg, WI