Balancing Yin and Yang

Our teens were born into a life immersed in technology. Cells phones, home computers, wifi everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, selfies, texting, all immediate gratification. Lost is the ability to communicate face to face. If it is not now, it is never.

Fast paced, forward living, impersonal and disconnected. They text a friend sitting right next to them. They make up and break up without the impact of the reflection in the others eyes. Their lives have become "yang".

To unplug, put the phone away, converse face to face, feel emotions land and live in the moment, is Yin. To be present, to learn to stay when the need to run overwhelms, to focus, breathe and feel again.

Learning to actually do all these things opens the door to be authentic and enjoying life. To not be reactionary, not need drugs to balance, to have self esteem and a sense of worth, this is a side effect of living your yoga in a yin way.

Welcome to my balance yin and yang both on the mat and in your lives. Teen and adults, lets begin again together.